The committee will then ask questions related to the candidate’s work, the implications of their findings, and their.


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This is a one stage process.

2023. In order to support your dissertation, we have included infographics, tables. .

Once a student’s box is checked, the BPH student should set up a one-on-one “Defense Packet Meeting” with the BPH Associate Director to review the Defense and Dissertation Process, which includes reviewing all required materials, logistics, timing, FAS/Harvard Griffin GSAS Form of the Dissertation, sample forms, and to answer student.

search. . Use the top half of the slide.

. The dissertation defense is a formal presentation to explain the research process and findings.

All PhD students should also ensure that they read the PhD thesis examination regulations and review the thesis preparation guidelines prior to their oral defence.

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thesis shortly (and thanks to this site and in particular to all those who have helped on my latex). 2.

You’ll find some organic shapes in the background, combined with hand-drawn illustrations of gears.


This professional thesis template includes 21 slides to create a succinct and convincing final thesis presentation.

Aug 28, 2020 · 1. University PhD thesis defense PPT template. D.

This study aimed at understanding the issue that influenced Selangor voters to cast their votes in Malaysian 13th General Election, and thus charting new strategies for future election. 2. GSO has created a sample powerpoint presentation template for your thesis defense. . . .

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Presenting a whole PhD in a short amount of time is very challenging. .


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The primary purpose of this defense is to present the findings, conclusions, and implications from your dissertation study.