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I've seen a few threads discussing the stiffness of the load cell brake pedal.

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10 kg minimum) adjustable via Tuning Menu (or Fanatec Control Panel on PC)*.


The resistance from the load cell is greater than the chair resistance. Roberto Trigona Member. B80.

12-bit precision.

I understand that the load cell is basing everything on pressure rather than movement, but having almost zero travel did make it hard to modulate - the CSL Elite V2s, even without any tweaking. Feb 2, 2022 · Fanatec offered different elastomers for the load cell with their premium pedals the clubsport v3 but the options were actually 60kg and 90kg. Reactions: eSZee, NikNakTobasco and B80.

. Nov 19, 2022 · CSL Pedals Load Cell too hard.

Feb 6, 2022.

February 2022.

Locally (Aussie) the Fanatec CSL Pedal set with load cell is $350, The Thrustmasters T-LCM are $450 in most places, with one outlet doing a preorder at $400. .

. Custom-designed load cell sensor.


Is there any DIY.

Its was a simple and cheap/free mo.

Aug 19, 2022 · At $218 dollars, the SR-P Pedals represent an entry point to load cell brake pedals, with most load cell-based and hydraulic options costing considerably more. . .

. Load cell do require quite a bit of force compared to like foam. Theyre a very cheap and high quality solution to get rid of the stiff pedal issue. #1. Since your pedals are separate from a traditional rig, you could make a connection from chair to pedals or another pair of weights behind your chair lol. .

What seemed to help (playing F1 22): i unchecked the option: 'Enable CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit manual mode', which made it feel a bit less stiff.

class=" fc-falcon">Pearl chrome plating on pedal base and arm. Fanatec CSLElastomer Brake MOD [CSL Pedals LC / Elite LC] (PC, PS4, PS5, XBox) Rated 5.


But I feel like I have 2 issues.

when I made the switch to the CSL Load Cells 2 weeks ago, it was a completely different experience.

That being said, my fanatec stuff gets here Saturday, Im gonna try to get used to the load cell on its own, if i cant ill probably get one of these mods.